[zeromq-dev] network problem

Aamir M intuitionist at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 04:18:51 CET 2008

SORRY .. I forgot to mention what the error is:

On a machine with IP address , I run the following commands with
the chat example:

$ zmq_server 5222 &
$ ./chatroom "foo" eth1 eth1

Now from a different machine with IP address, I type:

$ ./display "foo"

It works!  ....

Now I reverse the situation. On, I run the commands:

$ zmq_server 5222 &
$ ./chatroom "foo" eth0 eth0

And from, I run:

$ ./display "foo"

Unfortunately this does not work. It gives the FOLLOWING ERROR:

No route to host
rc != -1 (tcp_socket.cpp:153)

The funny thing is, if I instead type:

$ telnet 5222  I do get a connection. So the host is indeed
available, but zmq cannot see it for some reason.
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