[zeromq-dev] Poll results!

Frank Denis zeromq at pureftpd.org
Tue Dec 9 16:50:04 CET 2008

Le Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 04:37:02PM +0100, Martin Sustrik ecrivait :
> 10. STOMP support (2 votes) - same comment applied as to XMPP
> 11. Security (2 votes) - low priority as for now

  I'm quite surprised with those results.
  STOMP support is very important in order to use 0MQ with many already-
available tools. Really, performance is one thing, but STOMP support seems
mandatory in order to get 0MQ see wide adoption.

  Nobody cares about security? I'm also quite shocked. Security should be
handled as soon as possible, not as a last-minute thing over an already
large and complex product. Security as a polish layer never works.


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