[zeromq-dev] patch for aix support

Martin Sustrik sustrik at fastmq.com
Fri Dec 5 12:57:05 CET 2008


One more thing. AIX seems to support poll-style checking for socket events:


In your patch poll is disabled for AIX (poll_thread.hpp) Is there any 
reason for this?


George Neill wrote:
> Martin/Malo,
> So a long story shortened ... I just set up a new aix machine (5.3 TL
> 6) ... outside of installing gcc; I had to install automake,
> pkg-config, libtool and my own compiled version of autoconf.   The AIX
> toolbox autoconf version is 2.59, zmq appears to require 2.61.
> FWIW, I had originally installed AIX toolbox gnu binutils as well...
> this turns out to be a bad idea.  One should use the native AIX
> binutils.
> Attached is a simple patch (against r727)  for AIX support (of course
> released under the MIT license).
> I probably need to spend some more time on the configure.in ... what
> is your preference on compiler usage eg. should it look for a native
> compiler first, then use gnu?   Or is it acceptable to have the user
> override to a native compiler with environment variables?  Also, on
> the AIX platform, one can build either 32 or 64 bit binaries/libs ..
> is there a specific way you guys want this done?
> Also in the patch I added a zmq::resolve_nic_name() specifically for
> AIX.   Running the chat example didn't work so well when I specified
> the interface name instead of the actual ip address; so I hope you'll
> find it acceptable.
> Later,
> George.
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