[zeromq-announce] [ANNOUNCE] ZeroMQ/3.1.0 (beta) is now available

Martin Lucina martin at lucina.net
Sun Dec 18 12:54:37 CET 2011

Hi all,

Martin Sustrik and myself are pleased to announce a new beta release of
ZeroMQ, version 3.1.0.

Packages are now available for download from

This release is based off the libzmq master codebase.

As agreed by the community, development of the 0MQ 3.0.x series will be
discontinued. All users are encouraged to upgrade to 3.1.

Please refer to the attached release notes for a list of major changes in
this release.

Thanks to everyone involved for reporting bugs and helping test the new


Martin Lucina
Lucina & Associates

OMQ version 3.1.0 (beta), released on 2011/12/18

General information

Based on community consensus, the 0MQ 3.1.x release reverts a number of
features introduced in version 3.0. The major reason for these changes is
improving backward compatibility with 0MQ 2.1.x.

Development of the 0MQ 3.0.x series will be discontinued, and users are
encouraged to upgrade to 3.1.

The 0MQ 3.1.x releases use ABI version 3.

Reverted functionality

The following functionality present in 0MQ 3.0 has been reverted:

* Wire format changes. The 0MQ 3.1 wire format is identical to that of 0MQ

* LABELs and COMMANDs have been removed.

* Explicit identies are re-introduced, however they can be used only for
  explicit routing, not for durable sockets.

* The ZMQ_ROUTER and ZMQ_DEALER socket types are once again aliases for

New functionality

* The zmq_getmsgopt() function has been introduced.

* Experimental IPv6 support has been introduced. This is disabled by
  default, see the zmq_setsockopt() documentation for enabling it.

Other changes

* The default HWM for all socket types has been set to 1000.

* Many bug fixes.


* The dependency on libuuid has been removed.

* Support for building on Android, and with MSVC 10 has been added.

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