[zeromq-announce] 0MQ/2.0.10 available

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Fri Oct 15 19:51:19 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that 0MQ version 2.0.10 is available for download at:


The main highlight is the ZMQ_VERSION macro that allows for compile-time 
detection of 0MQ version. That in turn allows language bindings to work 
smoothly with both stable (2.0.10) and development (2.1.0) branch.

Detailed list of changes follows:

New functionality
* Upgrade OpenPGM to 2.1.28~dfsg (Martin Lucina)
* Added a ZMQ_VERSION macro to zmq.h for compile-time API version
   detection (Martin Sustrik, Gonzalo Diethelm, Martin Lucina)

Bug fixes:
* Fix memory leak under Windows (Taras Shpot)
* Makefile.am: Add missing files to distribution, improve
   maintainer-clean (Martin Lucina)
* Add support for RHEL6 in the spec file (Sebastian Otaegui)
* configure.in: Do not patch libtool rpath handling (Martin Lucina)
* Fixing the Red Hat packaging (Martin Sustrik)
* zmq_msg_move called on uninitialised message in xrep_t::xrecv -- fixed
   (Max Wolf)
* crash when closing an ypipe -- fixed (Dhammika Pathirana)
* REQ socket can die when reply is delivered on wrong unerlying
   connection -- fixed (Martin Sustrik)
* if TSC jumps backwards (in case of migration to a different CPU core)
   latency peak may occur -- fixed (Martin Sustrik)
* values of RATE, RECOVERY_IVL and SWAP options are checked for negative
   values (Martin Sustrik)


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