[zeromq-dev] Dropped message after startup

Robin Weisberg robin at scout-trading.com
Fri Aug 7 21:34:10 CEST 2009

I found a reproducable bug using the utilities I posted in this email:

The bug seems to be that if you send messages immediately on startup they
are lost. If you sleep for 1 second before sending the problem goes away.
The code I provided currently does a sleep, but if you move the sleep to
after the send call you will see the bug.

If you run:
./zmqlisten -e eth0:50001 wimp TEST
this will print a lot of error messages you can ignore. Then run:
 ./zmqsend -e "eth0:50001" wimp TEST "T"
You should see something like this:
error: L_QUEUE
error: L_QUEUE
QueueID=1, DATA[1]
QueueID=1, DATA[2]
QueueID=1, DATA[3]
QueueID=1, DATA[4]
QueueID=1, DATA[5]
QueueID=1, DATA[6]
QueueID=1, DATA[7]
QueueID=1, DATA[8]
QueueID=1, DATA[9]

Whats missing here is the first message. The output should containt
"QueueID=0, DATA[0]".
Adding/removing the sleep will determine if the
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